Fantasy Wedding Dresses to Love This Season

You have to admit this: you’ve been probably dreaming of your ideal wedding dress ever since you saw the first bride. Now that your Big Day is rapidly approaching, finding the right dress feels more difficult than ever – so taking inspiration from the latest trends will surely help you settle on a gown that feels perfect on you.

What are the fantasy wedding dress trends worth looking into this season? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:


·         Illusion neckline dresses are (yet again!) very popular. You have all the reasons to love this type of dress: from the fact that Kate Middleton wore one on her own Big Day to the fact that the design is simply stunning in its femininity and delicacy. Plus, illusion neckline gowns come in multiple cuts, colors, and with various types of décor, so you are more than certainly going to find one that suits you from all points of view.

·         Plunging neckline gowns are also very trendy. Sexy, daring, and elegant at the same time, these dresses are perfect for brides who want to make a statement of self-confidence and beauty. Extra tip: if you choose this design, be sure to find undergarments that offer support and… invisibility.

·         Long sleeves are back in style too – and they seem to be here to stay. Elegant and intricate, long-sleeved wedding gowns are just as amazing as the sleeveless ones we have gotten so accustomed with. Pick one of these dresses, especially if you want to have a fall, winter, or early spring wedding!

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Are You a Bridesmaid? Here’s How to Find Your Dress

Congratulations for being a bridesmaid! We know how amazing this must feel for you – but we also know what a great responsibility this is as well. From the way you help your friend plan her Big Day to the way you look during the wedding, there are a lot of important aspects to consider before you walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid.

Yet, how do you actually find the perfect dress when the bride has given you freedom of creativity? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        She will probably have a set of guidelines. Some brides only set out color-coding rules. Others, however, go into more detail with their descriptions. Therefore, the bride’s guidelines can extend to the length of the dress, the fabric, the cut, the neckline, and even the types of accessories you can wear.

·        Personalize it! Even the simplest bridesmaid’s dress can be turned into a stylish fashion statement with the right accessories – so don’t hesitate to use them, especially if the bride has given you creative freedom in this respect as well.

·        Don’t forget about the wedding style and location. Stick to the general dress code of the wedding when choosing the bridesmaid’s dress too. Also, keep in mind the wedding location as well – the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable with the weather outside because you chose a fabric that’s too thin or too thick for the location!

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What to Wear Under the Dress on Your Big Day

We know you want to look perfect as you walk down the aisle, as you say your wedding vows, and as you smile for the thousand-and-one pictures everyone will want to take with you on your wedding day!

Of course, your wedding gown matters a lot – but so does what you wear underneath. What is the right type of underwear to choose for each type of wedding gown in high demand right now? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        Sheath. These dresses are more than popular right now – and we can definitely see why. The simple and elegant lines, the beauty, the wide range of designs and the high level of versatility make these gowns truly appreciated by brides from all over the world. Their only issue? Their simplicity tends to show every line underneath, so it is very important to wear seamless underwear!

·        Plunge V-neck. There’s something utterly romantic and timeless about very deep V-necks – and let’s admit it, we all love these wedding gowns. If you have decided on this type of design, be sure to invest in a bra that’s as deep as the neckline of the dress – otherwise, it might look a bit odd, both in real life and in the pictures.

·        Very tight. Form-hugging wedding gowns are perfect for brides who want to really show off their femininity. If you have your heart set on such a dress, we highly advise you to invest in some quality shapewear – it will beautifully embrace every single curve of your body, making it look absolutely amazing!

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