Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

A V Party Rentals in Santa Clarita shares their best tips to decorate your perfect wedding ceremony site.  

Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

One of the things that makes wedding planning difficult is it requires two very different skills in one couple: the ability to visualize the big picture, as well as execute the details. This is never more true than when you decide on the vision and atmosphere of your ceremony site.

Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

Your ceremony site not only sets the tone for the rest of your wedding, but it’s also the reason you’re here, right? To get married by publicly declaring your love in front of your closest friends and family.

But where do you start?

That’s where the Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals (SCWEP) come in. We spoke with longtime expert Rusty Parr, owner of A V Party Rentals in Santa Clarita, and he gave us the top three questions you should ask when decorating your ceremony site. These questions address the big picture, so you can work with your vendors to handle the details.

1. Is your ceremony site indoor or outdoor?  

This single factor, along with weather, is the biggest determinant in the look, feel and cost of your ceremony. 

Indoor Ceremony Site  

Indoor ceremony sites are generally easier to tackle because they control the most unpredictable variable: weather. Once that’s removed from the equation, all you’re really focusing on is: What do I want to hide, and what do I want to enhance?

“You don’t have to worry about weather because that’s taken care of, so now all your decor really just adds to the atmosphere,” says Parr, a member of SCWEP. “Consider decorating the ceremony site differently than the rest of the room or space, so there’s some separation and movement.”

Next you want to think about the layout. How do you want people to move from one “event” to the next? For example, do you want people to stay close to the dance floor for the majority of the reception? Put your bar and desserts within range.

Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

Outdoor Ceremony Site

Outdoor ceremony sites have been popular in recent years, but they also add an element of risk and, often, additional cost. Why? Weather.

“You seriously have to consider the weather,” Parr says. “As best you can, research the expected temperature, chance of precipitation, and wind speed. More often, people will think about rain, and hopefully arrange a Plan B, but they usually forget about wind.”

Consider how the temperature changes throughout your ceremony and reception. In California, the temperature can change greatly in a matter of hours. And when it comes to wind, consider the temperature, strength and direction. Is it a hot breeze? That’s not likely going to cool your guests during the ceremony. Is it a strong, cold gust? That will make the temperature seem much colder.

“Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s always best to have a Plan A and a Plan B,” Parr says. “Pay for the optimum conditions, but arrange a backup plan for the worst case scenario. Make sure you reserve the equipment for your Plan B, in case your rental company runs out of the equipment closer to your date. A good company should keep you up-to-date on what’s available, so you know you’re prepared.”


2. What are your goals for the atmosphere of your ceremony?  

Three main elements determine the atmosphere of an event: mood, comfort level and lighting.


To determine the mood, again consider the question: What do I want to hide, and what do I want to eliminate? Then it’s time to talk decor.

Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

“Consider the level of formality and the vibe you want to deliver,” Rusty says. “For example, are you a flower child who wants to wear a light, flowing gown and walk barefoot down the aisle? Then maybe an arbor or archway would look great. Or, if you’re more traditional, you may want to opt for high-backed chairs and drapery. Then, of course, there’s the popular woodsy look, that brings in wine barrel decor and lots of greenery.”


Most couples naturally gravitate toward the mood-based decisions, focusing on aesthetic decor choices. Comfort, however, is way more important to your guests than what color linens you choose.

“Consider what time of day your ceremony falls in, and think about the direction of the sun,” Parr says. “If you’re going to have a 45-minute ceremony at 1 p.m. in August, you should look at your options for a canopy. If it’s a windy day, you may want to block out the wind, so guests can hear you. Brides often worry about hair and photogenic moments when it’s windy, as well.”

Also think about your older guests. Will they be comfortable on your chairs, or do you want to arrange a comfortable lounge area near the dance floor — so they can enjoy the festivities from a close distance?

Cost-cutting Tip: If weather is a big concern, set up your ceremony and reception at the same site, so you can provide maximum comfort without doubling the cost.

Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals


Time of day greatly affects lighting, as well as your desired mood.

“If any part of your wedding is held in the evening, then your lighting is purposeful — you need it for your guests to see,” Parr says. “If not, then your lighting is atmospheric and less necessary. Once you determine that, you’re really asking: What kind of lighting do I want, and how much?”

Atmospheric lighting can make a big difference if your budget allows. Add lighting around the perimeter to set the tone before your ceremony even begins, or uplight the background trees to give your venue some color and depth.

3. How do you want to execute your plan?  

Consider your team, think about setup and tear-down, and plan your day-of mindset.


Design Your Perfect Ceremony Site In 3 Easy Questions With A V Party Rentals

We highly recommend working with a rentals company that has specific experience with weddings and can work within your timeline. Wedding-based companies are accustomed to coordinating with the florist, checking in with the wedding planner and doing their best to accommodate last-minute or high-stress requests.


Don’t forget to coordinate the setup and tear-down of your event with your venue, and make sure you understand all their requirements to avoid being penalized or fined.

Are your family and friends doing this part? Make sure to clearly coordinate who will be doing what, and account for the possible “drunken uncle” who won’t be able to fulfill on his duties.


This is the most important factor of all — because it determines how you will feel about your big day. Before the day comes, resolve to stay focused on what matters: you and your love. Don’t peek at the setup, or worse go “help,” while you’re supposed to be enjoying time with your bridal parties and getting pampered. Instead, hire a team you trust, and then trust them.

“In most cases, micromanaging will ruin your night — not your guests’ night,” Parr says. “They only notice the big picture. That’s why you do the details, so they fill out and complete a big picture. Focus on that.”

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Advice From A Wife: The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita

Engaged? Start here. SCWEP’s The Wedding Stage, a bridal event hosted by Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals, is your crash course in wedding planning.  

How To Attend

When: March 7 @ 6 p.m.

Where: Valencia Country Club

Tickets: $30 (Purchase Here)

More Info:

By Kirsten Quinn Smith

When I attended SCWEP’s The Wedding Stage, I didn’t realize it would be such a valuable experience in my wedding planning journey — so I didn’t come prepared to make the most of it.

The hosts, 20 wedding professionals who’ve collectively serviced thousands of weddings, truly understand what this experience is all about. They’ve walked countless brides through the process, from the moment you slip on that engagement ring until your big day is nothing but a perfect memory. And they have your big picture in mind, as well as the details.

The people behind SCWEP’s The Wedding Stage don’t just want you to have a beautiful wedding; they want you to have a beautiful engagement and planning process, too!

I feel it’s my duty as a new wife to share with you: my most valuable wedding planning tool and how to get the most out of it.

How It Started 

The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita

SCWEP members collectively service and/or attend about 500 weddings a year.

“We were watching the mistakes and the struggles, as well as the successes and creativity, and thought: ‘Isn’t it our job to share this information?’” recalled the original members.

And so SCWEP’s The Wedding Stage was born. A private bridal show meets wedding planning workshop, this one-night event isn’t available anywhere else.

“We wanted to give back,” said Matthew Sutherland of Matrimony Films in Santa Clarita. “We wanted couples to have access to our experience, not just our services.”

How It Works  

The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita

SCWEP knows brides. So the evening kicks off with a cocktail hour, complete with appetizers from Valencia Country Club and Stonefire Grill, as well as a complimentary signature drink. Guests are invited to mingle and find a place to sit in the dining room, where the tables are styled according to popular themes and looks.

“It gives you a taste of the different options in table settings, linens, chairs, florals,” said Claire Middleton of Claire’s Flowers in Santa Clarita. “It helps you see what’s possible.”

Pro Tip: Arrive on time, so you can snag the table you like most.

Your host and President of SCWEP, Mike Diaz, will then welcome the guests and begin the program, while a SCWEP member and Santa Clarita wedding professional sits at each table to chat with the brides.

The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita

“Our goal here is to see where you’re at in the planning process,” said Julie Susdorf of Perfect Day, Perfect Look. “We take your specific questions and figure out where you’re stuck. Then we relay those questions to the appropriate professionals, so they can answer them during the Q&A.”

After that brief opening, Mike, of Diaz Entertainment, and Jorge Lopez, with J&M Entertainment, will co-host the festivities. SCWEP members take turns hosting a 5-minute Q&A, during which they cover the Dos and Don'ts for each vendor category: flowers, photography, video, cakes, honeymoons, entertainment — you name it.

“This is where we invite you to pick our brains and ask your most pressing questions,” said Rusty Parr of A V Party Rentals in Santa Clarita. “It’s more a look at the wedding industry as a whole than one wedding vendor in particular. We tell you what questions to ask your vendors, to make sure they’re well-prepared for your big day and the cost is what they say it is. We give you the criteria, so you’re empowered with that knowledge when you sit down for consultations.”

After the Q&As are complete, vendors hold demonstrations. Learn how to cut the cake without blocking out the photographer. Take a turn at the bouquet toss, and get the florists’ secret for the perfect throw. Watch video clips of wedding tragedies, and see how uplighting can change the mood of a room.

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy! Volunteering for the demonstrations means you get prizes!

Wrap up the evening by revisiting the vendor booths, grabbing cards and getting more detailed answers to your questions.

The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita

What You Learn  

Knowledge is power. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to tackle the most important moments of your big day
  • How to handle sticky situations in the planning process with grace
  • The essentials of wedding etiquette
  • The Dos and Don’ts of each vendor category
  • What to ask your vendors to get the best deal and services
  • How to create backup plans
  • How to structure your budget
  • A cost range for each vendor category
  • Time frames: when to book vendors and in what order
  • How to make your big day meaningful — not just beautiful

What You Get  

Information, presents and memories — here’s what you get at SCWEP’s The Wedding Stage:

  • Access to 20 high-end wedding professionals serving Southern California
  • A planning booklet to take notes and write down questions
  • Discounts from Santa Clarita’s best wedding vendors
  • 2 complimentary signature drinks
  • Appetizers from Stonefire Grill and Valencia Country Club
  • Prizes!
  • An fun evening of wedding planning with your friends and family

How To Prepare  

Because a bride can never have too many checklists, we created a checklist to prepare for your own visit to SCWEP's The Wedding Stage:

The Most Valuable Wedding Planning Tool In Santa Clarita
  1. Consider your vision. What atmosphere do you want to create? Decide where you fall on the spectrum from casual to formal, religious to non-religious, small to large, ceremonial to celebratory. Then consider a theme, if any.

  2. Get Pinterest out of your system. Go crazy. Make your dream board. Then hand off your vision to the professionals, so they can enhance it with years of experience and know-how.

  3. Write questions for your vendors. Where are you having trouble? Are you stuck somewhere in the planning process?

  4. Grab your girls. This event is really special when you come with the people you love. It’s great to bring your partner, but if you want to go full-bride on this one, grab your girls, your mom and your future MIL. Did we mention there’s champagne?

Advice From A Wife: Make The Most Of It  

My best advice to make the most of this event — and your Big Event? Get yourself in the mindset of being the bride. Think about what brought you here and what your wedding is actually about. My guess is, at the heart of it all, it’s about your love and commitment, your dreams for the future, who you are now, and who you want to be. Soak that in. Be the bride. Let yourself feel special without getting swept up in the craziness of place settings. Get grounded in your purpose and inspired by your dreams. At the end of the day, remember your why: that sexy man or woman you want to lock down forever.

For more information about SCWEP's The Wedding Stage, please click here. Or ...


About Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals  

Your vision is our passion. The Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals is a united group of the most accomplished and sought-after wedding vendors in Southern California. Together, we form a unique network providing access to a wide variety of services in every stage of planning.

Our goal is to provide prospective brides in the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles areas with a comprehensive list of qualified wedding vendors, including wedding florists, wedding and event DJs/MCs, wedding photographers, wedding videographers, wedding hair and makeup artists, wedding invitation makers, and wedding planners. Look no further for the most trusted wedding vendors in Santa Clarita and beyond.

The #SCWEPblog provides useful tips and tricks, and our quarterly educational event, The Wedding Stage, brings Southern California’s best vendors together in one room, where they present their best advice for the season.


The experts of Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals, a network of the most trusted wedding vendors in Santa Clarita, share their best tips and trends for 2018.

This list of wedding trends, prepared by the most trusted wedding vendors in Santa Clarita, is different than the others. It’s not only created to inspire you, but it’s designed to help you. We know the wedding planning process is full of meaningful, yet sometimes stressful, decisions — whether they’re big or small.

So, rather than seducing you with a bunch of gorgeous photos and providing no direction, we added a couple things.

First, you’ll see that each trend includes a section called Try This If, which lists different personality traits and wedding characteristics. If you identify with them, then that trend might be right for you!

Second, you’ll see a section called Take the Next Step. This includes contact information for the local wedding vendors that will help you get started.

We also spoke directly to the most trusted wedding vendors in Santa Clarita, the Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals, to help us understand why these trends are in the 2018 spotlight and, more importantly, what they bring to the overall vibe of your big day. Because the only thing you can’t have enough of — besides love and support — is direction.

So find somewhere comfortable, grab a notebook and get ready to dream. Here are the Top Wedding Trends of 2018!

1. From Vision To Vibe 

Today’s brides are raising the bar. They don’t just have vision — they’re creating a vibe and an experience for their guests with every well-placed flower arrangement and quirky bit of entertainment.

“Couples aren’t fixating on a specific wedding theme or sticking with a rigid color palette anymore. Instead, they’re aiming for a vibe or mood their guests will remember,” say the members of Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals, our local experts in the wedding industry.

 Photo from

Try This If:

  • You’re an overachiever.
  • You have a wedding planner.
  • You throw the party of the year — every year.

Take the First Step:

  • The Wedding Stage ( “The Wedding Stage is a quarterly educational event hosted by the Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals (SCWEP) on March 8, 2018 at TPC Valencia in Santa Clarita. With 23 of the most qualified and experienced wedding vendors in Southern California, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of wedding planning from the pros. Plus, get a free wedding timeline!”

2. From Rustic To Elegant 

Formal not stuffy. Refined not rustic. Edgy but still romantic. In past seasons, the rustic barn look reigned, but this year, couples are opting for a more formal, elegant affair — just without all the rules. Think glitzy country club venues decorated in whimsical, bohemian or New Age style.

“It’s less about the pastels, DIY decor and rustic vineyards. Now couples want classic tuxedos and edgy decor — geometric centerpieces, geode cakes and the return of jewel tones — all with a hint of glamour,” say the experts at Santa Clarita’s premier country clubs, Valencia Country Club and TPC Valencia.

 Photo from

Try This If:

  • You rock trends before they become trends.
  • You have a gemstone collection.
  • You minimize risks. (Rain? No thanks!)

Take the First Step:

  • TPC Valencia (661-288-1995 x131) “Elegant décor and breathtaking vistas create the perfect atmosphere for hosting an unforgettable wedding and reception.”
  • Valencia Country Club (661-799-1263) “From exquisite service to luxurious surroundings, Valencia brings the magic of emerald fairways and champagne toasts to you with attention to detail and elegance.”

3. The Illusion of Intimacy  

You want an intimate guest list, but you can’t seem to cut it down. I get it! Why sacrifice? Instead, create the illusion of intimacy by dividing grand spaces into cozy lounges or fully dressed sitting areas. Here’s where gorgeous furniture and strategic lighting become ultra important.

“Lounge areas encourage guests to move around and interact with each other. Make it as cozy as home, with plush blankets, picture frames and candles,” say the experts at AV Party Rentals, Santa Clarita’s go-to choice for event services.

 Photo from 

Try This If:

  • Your guest list seems to have a life of its own.
  • You’re the queen of hosting dinner parties.
  • Your guests may need some help mingling.

Take the First Step:

  • A V Party Rentals (661-259-2151) “We are a family owned and operated business, and have been serving Southern California for over 30 years, sharing our expertise in events with thousands of brides.”

4. Textures, Textures, Textures!  

Textures are everything this year. The more the better. Think marble, stone, wood, metal, fur, velvet, greenery, feathers — it’s all fair game. What’s even more exciting is invitations! Couples are getting more and more adventurous with materials, from watercolor to marble prints to wax seals and even transparencies!

“I’m seeing more requests for invitations with textural elements, as couples try to create a tactile experience for their guests from beginning to end,” say the experts at By Invitation Only and Celebrate Invitations.

Try This If:

  • Your friends say you’re artsy.
  • You have an old soul.
  • Your guests’ experience is most important to you.

Take the First Step:

  • By Invitation Only (661-388-5699) “We offer a complete line of custom designed paper goods to complement your wedding, from save-the-dates to your thank-you cards.”
  • Celebrate Invitations (661-259-8611) “Our design studio has an extensive selection of custom and ready-made invitations that will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes.”

5. Making the Headlines  

61a151f56b6c5a1b3f8c51415f5c1c0d 2.png

Printing a wedding announcement in your local paper is a perk of the engaged that’s too often forgotten. When else are you going to be able to see your name in print, alongside a gorgeous photo of you and your forever partner? Take advantage of your 15 minutes. You won’t be disappointed.

“It’s really exciting for couples. They can share their good news with their friends, neighbors and community. Plus, a lot of couples keep or even frame their announcements as mementos,” said Perry Smith, managing editor of The Signal newspaper, Santa Clarita’s only local paper.

Try This If:

  • You’ve always dreamed of seeing your name in print.
  • You’re connected to your community and your neighbors.
  • You not afraid of a little attention.

Take the First Step:

  • The Signal Newspaper (661-259-1234) “Think of The Signal when you want announce your engagement and wedding. Let the community celebrate together.”
1-brides-29aug17-Feather-and-Twine-Photography_b 2.jpg

6. Pre-wedding Photo Shoots  

A trend that started in South Asia and India, pre-wedding photo shoots are rapidly gaining popularity here at home. This special event gathers your entire wedding party for a “dress rehearsal” shoot prior to your wedding day. Some brides even buy another dress to keep the surprise element alive on the big day.

“A pre-wedding photo shoot makes the day easier on you because it saves time, and you’re more at ease during the shoot, as well. Then, on your actual day, you can do what you’re meant to do: spend time with the people who love you,” say two Santa Clarita wedding photographers, Michael Anthony Photography and R&R Creative Photography.

Try This If:

  • Your Insta feed is the envy of everyone you know.
  • Your never pass on a photo shoot.
  • You want every second possible to be with your loved ones.

Take the First Step:

  • Michael Anthony Photography (800-380-1217) “Michael Anthony Photography is an award-winning wedding photography studio located in Los Angeles.”
  • R&R Creative Photography (661-255-8502) “At R&R Creative Photography, our studio offers exceptional service by emphasizing personal attention and dedication to every wedding.”


7. Drones  

Who doesn’t want a drone at their wedding? If you’re looking to create an experience, then drone video is a must-have.

“Today, wedding video should do more than just capture your wedding — it should tell your story, too. Drone video captures the whole picture, even parts of it you didn’t see yourself,” explains Matthew Sutherland of Matrimony Films, Santa Clarita’s top choice for wedding video.

Fall-In-Love-With-Drone-Wedding-Photography-12 2.jpg

Try This If:

  • Your fiancé always asks for a tech gadget for his birthday.
  • Your venue is set among astounding vistas, like a country club or golf course.
  • You want to watch your guests’ jaws drop.

Take the First Step:

  • Matrimony Films (818-262-5402) “At Matrimony Films we are a professional video production company comprised of videographers and editors who create high-quality emotional videos.”


8. Natural Makeup With Edge  

This year, Bridal Fashion Week rolled out with an unexpectedly fresh trend: the no-makeup makeup look. It’s way less confusing than it sounds. However, it does take a professional. Think effortlessly chic, dewy faces like Chloë Grace Moretz or Selena Gomez.

“Brides are loving that natural look and fresh-faced glow. But they also want to add their signature to it — a bold lip, metallic winged eyeliner or smoky eye. It’s romance with edge,” says Julie Susdorf of Perfect Day, Perfect Look, a full-service hair and makeup studio in Santa Clarita that specializes in weddings.

01-temperley-fw18-bridal-1507660083 2.jpg

Try This If:

  • You are understated cool.
  • You don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis.
  • You want to look like you on your wedding day.

Take the First Step:

  • Perfect Day, Perfect Look (661-645-2216) “We have the ability to create whatever you desire to make you look and feel Perfect.”  

9. Bell Sleeves  

countryside-chic-western-australia-farm-wedding-10-700x1049-700x1049 2.jpg

You heard it right. And before you start imagining your mom’s poofy sleeves from the 80s, let’s reel it in. We’re talking about elegant flowing sleeves that make your arms longer and your hugs more romantic.

“Bell sleeves are a subtle yet stunning way to set yourself apart from the standard look. They add a classic feel and are flattering, too!” said Adriana Farrell from Santa Clarita’s longtime go-to bridal shop, Cruz’s Bridal.

Try This If:

  • You watch New York Fashion Week like it’s the Superbowl.
  • You rock classic looks with a modern feel.
  • You never want lace to go out of style.

Take the First Step:

  • Cruz’s Bridal (661-263-2990) “Cruz’s Bridal signature style is always in the gown’s exceptional fit and cut.”


dsc_3538tweedth 2.jpg

10. Deep-Toned Suits  

We’re loving this trend as men take a little more of the spotlight in 2018. Colors are trending toward rich jewel tones and bold, deep colors — and men’s formalwear is following suit!

“We’ve had more grooms and groomsmen straying from the classic black and white, and this year we’re expecting more of that trend, with sophisticated colors like navy, midnight blue or burgundy,” say the experts at Tuxedo Revue, a tuxedo rental shop in Santa Clarita.

Try This If:

  • You’re marrying a bold man.
  • Your man loves the red carpet show more than you do.
  • You have a neutral color palette and want a pop of color.

Take the First Step:

  • Tuxedo Revue (661-254-4238) “We are family owned and operated and have set ourselves apart from the competition by delivering superior quality, service and selection.”

11. Delicious Food Without the Huge Price Tag  

Food choices are falling in line, too! Instead of elaborate multi-course meals, couples are opting for familiar favorites, served buffet style.

“We are getting requests for our classic packages, which include our slow-roasted chicken and tri tip, creamy garlic mashed potatoes and a choice of too many salads to count. Our famous breadsticks are always the hit of the event. But more and more, we are seeing our guests tailoring their buffet options to include vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options. Our food brings people together,” said the family owners of Stonefire Grill.

SFG-Menu-Grill-BBQ-Chicken-Breast 2.jpg

Try This if:

  • You want to create a more casual feel.
  • Your guests come from all different circles and locations.
  • You want your guests to appreciate your thoughtful choice for their meal.

Take the First Step:

  • Stonefire Grill (888-649-5783) “Hailed by Style Network as the unparalleled option for ‘catering a scrumptious meal on a budget’ there is a good reason why thousands of newlyweds chose STONEFIRE GRILL to cater their wedding.”

12. Marble and Geode Cakes  

These stunning cakes are more art than sugar. Along with the trend of gemstones and natural textures, a geode- or marble-painted cake is another way to mix things up and add some edge to a classic wedding. They are hand-painted, which adds to the gorgeous detail of the ceremony, and they look simply stunning in pictures.

“Something about these cakes being paired with crystal cake stands creates a sense of nature in its most elegant way. This nature-inspired cake, which is as much art as it is dessert, makes for one seriously eye-catching centerpiece,” said Jill Phillips Cox of Jill’s Cake Creations, the go-to cake shop in Santa Clarita for weddings and all occasions.

Try This If:

  • You’re rocking a boho or New Age wedding style.
  • You’re a rock climber.
  • You have artists in the family.

Take the First Step:

  • Jill’s Cake Creations (661-291-2332) “Serving Santa Clarita, LA and beyond for over 35 years, Jill’s Cake Creations has provided innovative custom cakes, long before it was trendy.”

13. Bouquets: The Bigger The Better  

Big, undone and full of greenery. Slightly tousled and full of deep-colored blooms. All dogwood and bright as can be. Brides are going big with florals this season, and they want more than bouquets.

“I’m getting more and more requests to create special arrangements: flower crowns, hair accessories, wreaths, garland, and even installments that hang from the ceiling. Color is definitely popular in a big way, too,” say the expert florists at Claire’s Flowers and Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist.

Try This If:

  • You want to take your ceremony to the next level.
  • You think the beauty is in the details.
  • Your venue is lacking color.

Take the First Step:

  • Claire’s Flowers (661-286-1284) “Claire’s Flowers is a full service florist, showcasing innovative floral couture.”
  • Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist (661-297-3100) “For more than thirty years, Charmaine of Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist has been considered one of SCV’s premier florists, and is a SCV Best Florist award winner.”

14. Entertainment Is King  


Entertainment options are continuing to evolve, making for a more engaging and interesting ceremony with each passing year. A couple entertainment trends on the menu this season include instant classics that are here to stay.

“Everyone loves a good DJ, especially when this season focuses so much on the guests’ experience. DJs are continuing to be the choice over live bands because they know how to get the crowd engaged — from the first dance to the last dance,” say the experts at J&M Entertainment and Diaz Entertainment, top choices in wedding entertainment for the Santa Clarita Valley.

Try This If:

  • You were named “Life of the Party” in your yearbook.
  • Your wedding goals include a packed dance floor.
  • You’ve been heavily influenced by music in your lifetime.

Take the First Step:

  • Diaz Entertainment (661-433-9600) “Where good times, become great times … every time!”
  • J&M Entertainment (661-257-1725) “We promise to have all of your guests on the dance floor surrounded by incredible lighting, all while relentlessly pursuing your happiness and wedding vision.”

15. Photo Booths Are Here To Stay  

Photo booths have been a rising trend in recent years, and that trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Many couples are bringing in “entertainment stations,” where guests can play games, make things, etc. The top choice for an entertainment station is still the photo booth.


“Photo booths are great for the guests and the couple. Especially with larger weddings, it’s hard to spend time with each guest, but a photo booth allows you to see the joy in your guests’ faces — long after the big day is over,” said Jack and Pam Lillian of Photo Booth Mania, Santa Clarita’s top choice for photo booth entertainment.

Try This If:

  • Your selfies are legendary.
  • You have more than 50 guests on your list.
  • You want your guests to walk away with their own beautiful memories of the night.

Take the First Step:

  • Photo Booth Mania (661-618-6455) “We are a full service photo booth company for the past 7 years located in Santa Clarita Valley serving all of Southern California and surrounding states.”

16. Unexpectedly Romantic Honeymoons


Trending this year are honeymoons for the unconventional couple. Think adventurous destinations where couples can learn about different cultures while they tour the sights. Thailand, Bali, Croatia and South Africa all offer romance in unexpected ways.

“Whether it’s an all-inclusive resort, an independent trek through Western Europe or an exotic getaway to Bali, couples are choosing the unique destinations and travel styles that match their partnership,” said Barbara Oliver of Romantic Journeys, a beloved travel agency in Santa Clarita.

Try This If:

  • Your style doesn’t fit in a box.
  • You are open to adventure.
  • You like to stop and talk to the locals wherever you go.

Take the First Step:

  • Romantic Journeys (661-206-1409) “At Romantic Journeys we specialize in romance travel and making those dreams a reality.”

17. Ride In Style

A detail that is too often forgotten, transportation for the bride and groom is an easy way to add style and convenience to your big day with just one service. Heading with the trend toward formality, couples are choosing to arrive in classic automobiles that they may never have the chance to drive again. Talk about a show-stopper.

“Luxury vehicles are a really fun and exciting way to create memories on your big day. It really elevates the experience for the couple, and it definitely gives guests something to talk about,” say the experts at Exclusive Sedan.


Try This If:

  • You have an serious collection of sunglasses.
  • You love taking road trips together.
  • You love a grand entrance.

Take the First Step:

  • Exclusive Sedan (818-765-7311) “Exclusive Sedan Service provides sedans, SUVs, limos, sprinters, mini coaches, buses and air charter for all events. We are committed to quality chauffeured transportation in Los Angeles and around the world.”


The Bottom Line

My best advice to couples as they dive into the wedding planning process is twofold: 1) Enjoy the wedding trends — but only choose the ones that make sense to you and your forever partner, and 2) Trust your vendors!

I can’t emphasize that last one enough. If the wedding planning process becomes difficult or stressful, it’s most likely because … you don’t have much experience planning a wedding! But your vendors do this every day. They know how to keep you on track, see your vision through and turn your big dreams into your big day.


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