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This is one of the most unusual picture I have ever made.  It will be a surprise for the bride because her mom told her that the flowers were misplaced and she had no way to replace them.  (This isn't so, because you can go to the florist and have them made a duplicate bouquet.)  But she doesn't know that I was creating a picture for her in the meantime and on the next holiday she will get it and be so excited ...probably cry when she sees it.  My brides are so emotional when they pick up their bouquet.  It is the one thing that will be on their wall for a lifetime.  And in the future, if you have an argument you can look at the picture and recall the wonderful day that you were married  and the misunderstanding seems to go away.  At least it does for us after 32 years of marriage.

The original bouquet was white roses, white callas, purple and pink callas, tinted multi - colored minature orchids, and of course the amazing looking peacock feathers with the matching invitation.  This looks quite different than the original bouquet but is very exciting.  I have been trying to make my invitaton picture look matchless and unique.

You have to make sure that the bouquet is never left directly in the sun.  Before your first dance , make sure someone will have it  refrigerated or put in a cooler place. (This is usually a wedding coordinator or a close bridesmaid.) If we can make arrangements to pick it up that night we will but if it is out of town perhaps your mom or some other person will bring it to us the next day.

If you want something that is different and classy, this is it.  You can view our website at  www.floralpreservationbypicturethis.com


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