Low centerpieces are a stunning element of wedding décor

Although tall centerpieces may have been all the rage up until not very long ago, low centerpieces are slowly making their way (back) into the wedding scene and unto the wedding tables of the world too.

How to incorporate them in your Big Day? We have some wonderfully inspiring ideas for you – so read on if you want to use low centerpieces to beautify your wedding tables.

·        All green. The simplicity of green centerpieces can be really elegant and unique – and if you choose to decorate the tables in a raw way (such as by using nothing more than a greenery table runner), you are in for a deep wow as soon as your guests enter the reception room.

·        Fruity. Want to keep the simplicity of the aforementioned idea, but add a bit of fall into the mix? Create green table runners and decorate them with seasonal fruit. It will add a pop of color and joy to your wedding tables and everyone will love the idea!

·        Dark. In general, dark colors are more than fascinating and they can definitely work fantastically well with weddings. Create low centerpieces in transparent geometric vases and fill them with large blooms in striking color contrasts – such as mauve and white, for example.

·        Classic. You can also keep it very classic with low centerpieces too. Take simple, elegant vases and fill them with greenery, small flowers and one or two large-headed blooms per vase – they will look so pretty, so romantic and so stylish too!

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