Have you considered asking these questions as a bride?

As a bride, you probably have many questions – what colors to use for your wedding day, where to find the best vendors, how to choose the right wedding song, and so on. Of course, they are all important questions – all of which will find an answer throughout the wedding planning process.

Yet, have you considered asking these questions as a bride? If yes, here are the answers you have been looking for:

·        Is there an adequate way to kiss during the ceremony? Yes, and no. While you definitely don’t have to resume to a peck on the cheek, it is also advisable that you keep it short and sweet. Remember, your guests’ ages range from very young to elderly, so it is important not to offend anyone!

·        When will you take the wedding veil off? If you have chosen to wear a wedding veil (which, by the way, is not compulsory these days), you can take it off any time after the ceremony. In general, it is recommended that you do this before the reception, so that you can dance freely.

·        Is it appropriate to take your shoes off during the reception? Not quite. It may be OK for you to do this as a wedding guest (although it is questionable to do it even in this situation). But, as a bride, you will want to maintain an air of elegance and grace throughout the entire night. If you know your high heels will become painful at some point, pack a pair of cute flats that go with the rest of the wedding attire – changing into them is more than acceptable!

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