Your engagement photos should be gorgeous and show the love you have for one another!

There’s nothing more powerful than love – and when they say it can move mountains, every couple can attest to it. If you have already said “yes” and if you’re exciting by the upcoming “I do”, you know better than anyone just how strong, how life-changing and how amazing your love for one another is!

Of course, you want to capture that in your engagement photos too! But how do you do that? What’s more, how do you choose outfits that are absolutely perfect for your love story? Here are some tips to consider:

·       Have certain poses in mind? Then make sure your outfits are suitable for it. For instance, wearing an elegant dress when you’re being swept off your feet may not be a really great option – and wearing ripped jeans to the Louvre wouldn’t be great either.

·       Your location matters. And oh, how it does! Choose a marvelous location and allow it to dictate you what to wear. A beautiful summer dress will look splendid in a sunflower field or at a rustic ranch – but it may not be as pretty if you’re in a grand ballroom.

·       Your personality matters even more. Be true to it. You and your loved one are unique just the way you are – so make sure you stay true to that. Jeans and T-shirt people? Don’t put on a pair of high heeled stilettoes just for the engagement photos hooting. Believe it or not, the fact that you’re not “at home” in those shoes will transpire in the pictures.

·       And while your personalities do matter, it is also essential not to “blend” them into one another. Choose outfits that are NOT matching 100%. Connect them through the details, not through the larger elements. Be yourselves and be complementary to one another – not copies of one another!

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