Every first dance should be personalized!

Your first dance! Oh, what a magical, unforgettable moment this will be – and how fondly will you remember it years and years from now! Obviously, you want this dance to be absolutely flawless from the very beginning, to the very end – and in order to really wow your guests, you should first make sure you master a few basic dance steps.

What are some of the most popular dance moves, and what type of first dances are they suitable for? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you need inspiration and advice.

·       The basic box step is the ultimate basic dance step – the kind of move you should know not only for your wedding dance, but for every other slow dance you will ever engage in with your future spouse. This is the kind of dance move that works with a vast range of songs – and it can definitely make for a spectacular first dance (especially if you choose the right song and add a couple of special moves to the mix).

·       Salsa is a beautiful, passionate Latino dance people really love. At first, it might seem a little harder to nail this dance move – but, as you learn the steps, you will also learn to love it. You can incorporate these moves in your first dance, or you can use them for another special moment of the night.

·       Last, but not least, the Charleston dance is a popular dance routine you should definitely learn if you plan on having a vintage wedding. Because it goes so marvelously with jazzy tunes, and because it can be truly impressive, the Charleston is bound to truly amaze everyone at your wedding!

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