Save some money within your wedding planning

It is no secret that weddings are quite expensive – and yet, this doesn’t mean you cannot have your dream wedding if you have a tighter budget. As a matter of fact, with the trends today, having a stunning budget-friendly wedding is more than doable.

How to pull it off? Here are some means to save money within your wedding planning:

·        Think of what really matters to you. For some brides, this may be a designer wedding gown. For others, it may be a hallway filled with flowers gorgeously dripping from the ceiling. What are those wedding elements that matter to you and your loved one? Prioritize those over everything else!

·        The ballroom is old-fashioned anyway. Sure, it’s perfect for an elegant wedding, but you can have a splendid elegant wedding in a Museum, or a more laid-back one in a beautiful garden. There are a lot of less expensive “venues” you can choose from!

·        You don’t need a seated dinner. In fact, you don’t need an actual dinner at all. You can have a brunch wedding, you can serve food truck treats, and you can even simply focus on delicious hors d’oeuvres. Your choice!

·        Shrink the guest list. Like it or not, this is the single best way to ensure you are saving big bucks on the big day. Talk to your SO and see who you really want to invite at your wedding. This will save you a lot of money!

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