Choose a gorgeous color for your bridesmaids’ dresses

Your bridesmaids are the most amazing ladies that have ever graced this Earth, aren’t they? Naturally, you want them to look radiant on your big day – and choosing dresses of a beautiful color is really important when it comes to this.

How to do it? What are the latest trends in the bridesmaids’ dress color section? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


·        Pistachio. If you love mint green, but if you have grown tired of seeing it everywhere in the past few years, pistachio is here to offer you a lovely alternative. Energizing and suave at the same time, this color is just perfect for spring and summer weddings – and your bridesmaids will definitely love every single moment of being dressed in this color.

·        Soft melon. This color looks just as it sounds: soft and fruity at the same time. Just a bit playful, but still within the lines of grace and elegance, soft melon is a wonderful option for that outdoor summer wedding you’ve been dreaming of ever since you said “yes”.

·        Blush. If you’re looking for the ultimate all-time classic of the bridesmaids’ dresses color spectrum, blush is precisely what you need. Feminine, sweet, timeless, and absolutely stunning, blush has the rare quality of looking amazing on just about every type of complexion there is. Lovely!

·        Aquamarine. If you want to have an unforgettable beach wedding, aquamarine is a really stunning choice. Your bridesmaids will feel so great wearing this color – and it will suit the beach environment so amazingly well!

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