Create a Dreamy Garden Wedding Theme

Garden wedding themes are all the rage, especially now, with summer here in full force. If you have your heart set on the suave, yet truly unique vibes of a country garden wedding theme, you definitely want all aspects of it to be fully coordinated with the bigger concept. How to do it? We have some ideas that might inspire you to create something utterly gorgeous – so read on and find out more.

·        Have a tent or a marquee. Yes, we know the weather is supposed to be nice – but you know what they say… summer rains, you can never predict them. Better be prepared than sorry! Not to mention, a tent or a marquee offers a whole new perspective on decoration, so you can actually use your creativity here. For instance, imagine a garland made with pastel colored triangles hanging from your marquee – wouldn’t it look lovely for your wedding theme?

·        Yes, the cake makes no exception from the wedding theme. You can either decorate it with fresh flowers, or you can choose to take the more playful (and probably much more weather-proof) option, fondant. Don’t forget to add a pair of cute marzipan “bride and groom” toppers too!

·        Pastel bridesmaids. Your super-ladies need to complement the wedding theme too – so why not allow them to dress in just about any pastel color? Doing this will add liveliness, sweetness, and style to your entire wedding – plus, it will also help you make sure your bridesmaids are happy with their dresses.

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