My Biggest Wedding Planning Regret

Everyone has one. What’s my biggest wedding planning regret? Read on.

By Kirsten Quinn-Smith

Scarlett and Preston's Wedding Highlight from Walnut Grove, Moorpark, CA

When you’re a bride, everything is about the details. When you’re a wife, however, everything is about the marriage.

What do I mean?

Keep The Feeling Alive  

Well, the other day, I was sitting with a family member on an outdoor patio in Valencia, soaking up the sun of a gorgeous Sunday with a mimosa in hand. She seemed a bit off from the start, and then she said she was asking her husband for a divorce, a week before their one-year anniversary.

She showed incomprehensible strength as she told her story, describing how things unraveled slowly — and then suddenly. Though I listened intently, there were moments when I thought of my own marriage, just six months old.

Suddenly, I was reminded how delicate marriage is, and I instantly wanted a reminder of the strength of my own union.

“I really wish I could watch our vows right now,” I thought to myself.

I didn’t just need to remember the moment we exchanged vows  — I needed to feel it again. Why? Because it would have felt so good to relive it when I needed to most.

My Only Wedding Regret  


Whether life throws you a curveball or reminds you how lucky you are, there are moments in every relationship when you just want to return to the day you took the leap.

What did your partner look like? How shaky was your voice? What feelings swept over you? Which words made cry? Which jokes made you smile? What promises did you make?

With regret, I’m here to tell you I can’t answer all those questions.

I didn’t have a videographer at my wedding, and it’s my biggest regret.


Reason 1: You Don’t Miss A Thing.  

It ends up being such a magical day — and such a blur.

Many memories feel hazy, while others I need to be reminded of completely. There is so much to experience that not even the bride and groom get to see everything.

“About 70% of your finished video shows moments you weren’t even there for,” explains Matthew Sutherland, owner of Matrimony Films, which produces the best wedding video in Santa Clarita and beyond.

Brides, for example, miss many major moments: the flower girl and ring bearer, what happens during cocktail hour, what the reception space looks like before anyone gets there, and more.

“You don’t get to be part of so many of the elements you put together, often agonizingly, in the planning stage,” Matthew said.

Dani & Russell's Wedding Highlight from Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu, CA

Reason 2: It’s Worth It.  

Video is one of two parts of your wedding budget that increases in value over time: video and photography.

Your wedding day is meant to be that: a day. But it’s so beautiful that you want to make it last forever! Or at least hold onto as much as you can.

That’s why your wedding video and photography become so valuable over time. I chose not to pay $1,500 for a wedding video at the time, but now I’d pay thousands of dollars to have those memories back. You do the math.

Reason 3: It Keeps The Feeling Alive.  

Matrimony Films Love Story Videos in Southern California and Worldwide

Wedding photography and wedding video capture different things.

Photography, for example, captures the beauty and the emotion in a moment. Video, on the other hand, captures the actual moment. You don’t just remember laughing during your sister’s speech, but you can listen to exactly what she said and how she said it.

“When you hear your partner talk and watch his expression, it brings you back to exactly the way you felt in that moment,” Matthew explained.

Photo allows you to commemorate the experience; video allows you to relive it.

“On your wedding day, you’re going through the entire spectrum of emotion,” he said, “When you rewatch it over the years, you can feel those things again.”

Something that valuable shouldn’t go in the “if I have the budget” category.

The Moral of the Story   

My wedding was perfect and magical and everything I ever wanted it to be.

Of course, I left my veil behind at the hotel, someone forgot the Champagne toast, and the DJ played the wrong songs — but I loved every minute.

I have only one regret: that I can’t relive it all today.

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