Personalize your wedding bouquet to match your personality as the bride!

As a bride-to-be, you want to choose a wedding dress that truly suits your personality. But you also want all of the other wedding elements to be really unique too! Obviously, your bridal bouquet is one of the most important wedding day accessories and it will make no exception from the aforementioned “rule of uniqueness”. 

How to personalize your wedding bouquet and “sprinkle” it with your own personality? We have some tips for you – so read on to inspire yourself.

·       If you are a classy bride, you will want your bouquet to be just as timeless as you are. Choose a monochromatic arrangement made with classy blooms – such as red or white roses, for example. You will love it!

·       If you are a romantic bride, go for big blooms in soft shades (such as dusty pink or pastel yellow). Your bouquet should look as if it was torn out of the fairytale that inspired your entire Big Day!

·       If you are a more modern bride, do not be afraid to be bold. Color blocking is a very trendy technique that brings together very bold colors and creates stunning accents – and applying this trend on your bouquet will truly wow your guests!

·       If you are a boho-chic, free-spirited bride, you need a bouquet that incorporates Mother Nature’s finest, but still stays within the limits of tradition. Combining lush big blooms with delicate little flowers, adding non-floral elements to the mix, using succulents and unique fabrics for the accents – these are just some of the ideas you could use for your nature-inspired bouquet.

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