What shape of wedding cake are you going to choose? There are many options!

Your wedding cake is a very important part of the Big Day. Sure, nobody will come to the wedding for the cake alone – but given the sweet meaning behind it and the grand “Cutting of the Cake” moment, a lot of guests will be looking forward to it.

How to choose the best shape for your cake? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more and create a really impressive wedding cake:

·       Round. The absolute classic of the bakery world, round cakes are classy, elegant and timeless. They may appear to be dull in many ways – but the best part about them is that they are really amazing as “bases”. You can play around with their shape and create gorgeous decorations that will surely wow your guests!

·       Square. Edgier and less feminine, square cakes are a very popular option too. If you want to create something really elegant and stylish, play with the square shape of the cake and make it “mellower” by using round shapes for the décor. We guarantee it will look absolutely amazing!

·       Petal-shaped. A bit more daring and yet still very classy, the petal-shaped cake is a true fountain of creativity. Pay attention, though! The shape of this cake is already quite ornate, so you might want to keep it low-key with the decorations on it. Otherwise, everything on your cake may feel like “too much”.

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