Before exploring wedding venues, consider these tips

Picking the perfect venue is a really important step in the wedding planning process – not only is this the place that will actually host your wedding, but it is also one of the elements that will affect every other decision you take.

No pressure there, but you really need to make the right choice with the venue…

What are some of the things to consider before taking the tour? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        The budget. You should absolutely know your budget for the venue – otherwise, you risk falling in debt and making the Big Day even more stressful. Stay within your range of prices and you will be much happier in the end.

·        The numbers. No, not the money, but the number of guests. You will not have a final head count until your guests send back their RSVPs – but even so, you can think of an approximate number of people. You need to know this the moment you talk to a venue manager because certain venues have an inferior and an exterior limit of people they can accommodate.

·        The style. Naturally, you want your wedding venue’s style to be well-aligned with your wedding style. Think of colors, think of the general vibe, the height of the ceiling, the furniture there – if you don’t like it, changes can be made, but they will most likely cost you extra.

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These tips will help you choose a wedding reception site

Without any trace of doubt, choosing the right wedding reception site can have a huge influence on the entire Big Day. And yet, making the final call is not frequently an easy step. How to make it a smoother process? How to choose your wedding reception site and make sure it is truly the perfect one? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        How many guests have you invited? This will be one of the first and foremost important criteria to consider, so make sure the size of your venue is well-coordinated with the size of your guest list. At the same time, if you want to have a smaller wedding, avoid venues that are too large – putting a small number of people in a huge venue will make the space look empty and cold.

·        Furthermore, do you know what questions to ask during the selection process? Think well and put them all on paper before meeting with venue managers. What does the package include? Do you have to hire in-house vendors? Is there a list of preferred specialists? How will the wedding day unfold according to the space provided? Is there any on-site coordinator? How many hours will the venue be at your disposal? These are ALL utterly important questions, so be sure you ask them.

·        Last, but not least, remember that your wedding venue should match your style too. For instance, a classic wedding is best held in elegant spaces – such as ballrooms, historical mansions, and golf courses. Casual weddings can work fantastically well with parks and even countryside farms. And modern weddings are best when they are held in unusual spaces – such as lofts, vineyards, museums, and so on.

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