Delicious edible wedding favors

Wedding favors are not always mandatory – but they can sure brighten up your guests’ day, especially when they are thoughtful and cute. Of course, delicious edible wedding favors are among the most appreciated types of small gifts for wedding guests – but what if you want to make sure they’re totally unique?

We have some ideas to help you with this – so read on and find out more.


·        Fudge. We bet you don’t know one person who can actually refuse this indulgent, delicious sweet treat. Packed nicely in a personalized wrap, fudge can actually be wedding-worthy. Plus, it’s the kind of dessert that will be loved by every single guest at your wedding, regardless of their age.

·        Candy buttons. Looking for a cute and playful sweet wedding favor? We have a solution for you: candy buttons. These adorable sweet treats have made their entry in the wedding world, and they are absolutely amazing for casual, fun wedding themes. You can even package them in a unique and personal way, to make them more suitable for your own big day!

·        Candy popcorn. Thought popcorn has no room in weddings? Think again – comfort foods and snacks have been all the rage for a couple of years now! If you want to offer something unique and special, beautifully-packaged candy popcorn will surely be an amazing choice!

·        Alfajores. From afar, these cookies will look very similar to classic macaroons. However, they are of a completely different origin (and they taste really differently as well). A traditional dessert in South America, alfajores can land on your wedding tables as wedding favors – and we guarantee everyone at your wedding will like them!

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