Don’t forget to include these floral arrangements into your big day

Flowers and weddings have always been very tightly connected. Ever since the beginning of weddings as we know them, flowers have been a hugely important and symbolic part of a bride’s big day – and, to the date, they continue to play an essential role in this type of events.

What are the floral arrangements you should definitely not forget to include in your big day? We have some ideas for you – so read on, find out more, and keep these tips in mind:

·       The so-called “basics”. There are types of flower arrangements you will encounter at virtually every wedding: the ceremony arrangements, the bouquets, the boutonnieres, the centerpieces, and so on. No, they are not mandatory and it is not compulsory to make them out of flowers – for example, you could create boutonnieres out of your future spouse’s favorite hobby items.

·       The surprising variations. If you want to keep it within the traditional lines, but still want to add your own personality to the mix, create floral arrangements that come with a twist. For instance, instead of the all-too-common flower arrangements on the sides of the aisle, you could create a splendid wedding aisle runner out of flower petals.

·       The “extras”. A flower arch at the entrance in the reception venue can really WOW everyone – and it can surely add a good dose of luxury and elegance. Furthermore, a relaxing lounge area decorated with pretty flowers can also be a great addition for your guests.

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