Does your Maid of Honor know her duties?

Your Maid of Honor is one of the most important people at the wedding – and you have definitely chosen her for a good reason. Does she know her duties, though? If not, we have some tips for her – read on and find out more.


·        Your Maid of Honor is the connection line between the bridesmaids and you. Since you are very busy with the large number of tasks you have to run, you might not always have time to reach out to each bridesmaid individually – but your MoH can surely help you with this.

·        Planning the most entertaining bachelorette party is also an important duty the Maid of Honor will have to handle. Of course, your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be a simple night out with the ladies – it can be just about any kind of gathering you love. Tell your Maid of Honor not to be afraid to think out of the box!

·        The Maid of Honor is also in charge with giving a toast at the wedding reception. Keep in mind that nobody’s speeches should be very long (otherwise, the other guests may get bored before the actual party starts). Tell your MoH to prepare a speech that’s short, sweet, and representative of your relationship with her.

·        Attend pre-wedding appointments with you. Of course, this is entirely up to you, as the bride. However, many brides choose to have their Maids of Honor with them when searching for the right dress, attending bridal exhibitions, or even when choosing the food or the cake.

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Be sure you know how to choose your Maid of Honor

Your Maid of Honor is one of the most important people at your wedding – but do you actually know what her duties are? Even more, how does knowing this help you choose the best person for the role? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·        Your Maid of Honor should be your Number 1 advisor. So it should be someone whose opinion you really trust and who is on the same “frequency” as you in terms of style, taste and aesthetics. Yes, all decisions pertain to you and your loved one – but having someone close to you when you run out of ideas can be a true blessing.

·        Your Maid of Honor should be fully responsible – and she should have an almost “diplomatic” status at your wedding. Therefore, you need someone who knows that certain tasks cannot be dodged – even if they aren’t among the most pleasant ones.

·        Your Maid of Honor will be the one to plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Thus, you should choose someone who really knows you and who knows what kind of activities you enjoy. The last thing you want is a crazy night of partying when all you have ever dreamed of for your bachelorette party was a relaxing day at the spa!

·        Last, but not least, your Maid of Honor will also deliver a speech during the wedding reception – so she should also be someone who has known you for long enough toknow what to say about you and your love story when she gives the toast.

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Photo source: MarkTaylorCunningham