The Perfect Wedding Menu for Your Millennial Guests

If you are a Millennial ready to tie the knot, it is more than likely that most of your friends pertain to the same generation – and you surely want to make sure they have a really great time at your wedding.

What are some of the wedding menu options Millennial guests always love? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


·        Millennials tend to have a bad rep when it comes to food and what they like most – especially in terms of prices. However, the absolute truth is that not all Millennials are alike – and most of them are more than happy with non-fancy foods. Sure, they do like being pampered with foods that are deliciously cooked with the best ingredients – but you might still want to leave your Kobe beef for another time.

·        Instead, focus on providing Millennial guests with foods they are guaranteed to love – comfort foods, DIY stations, ice cream trucks, and so on. Your generation loves a fresh twist on old-school tastes, so your wedding menu will be a huge success if you include some all-time favorites (this time, cooked with a little bit of “ extra” uniqueness, even if it’s just about the presentation of the food itself).

·        As for the dessert, you might want to skip the traditional tiered cake and move on to something more interesting – such as a naked cake, one that’s decorated in a completely unique way, or, why not, a completely different type of dessert (anything ranging from pies to doughnuts and ice cream sandwiches will be a delight!).

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