Choose the best look for your style as the Bride

Your bridal style is an essential part of the Big Day – after all, it is perfectly normal (and expected!) that you want to feel like a truly gorgeous royalty on this very special day of your life. How do you choose the best style for yourself, though? What are some accessories to wear if you want to pull off one of the most popular wedding looks of the moment? We have some inspiring ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       The classic boho-chic. Steal inspiration from bohemian and hippy styles to create a wedding look that will wow everyone at your wedding! For example, a simple, hippy age-inspired dress will look more than stunning when paired with a hairstyle that combines loose curls and a lush flower crown – and if you add some stacked bracelets to the mix, you will surely look spectacularly stylish!

·       The elegant bohemian. If you don’t want to settle for “just” boho-chic, and if you want to add a luxurious touch to your bridal look too, opt for vintage and Roaring Twenties-inspired elements. A big hairstyle, a pretty pink lipstick and a crystal headband can work marvelously even with the simplest dress – and they will add just enough glamour to help you really pull off this picture-perfect look.

·       The natural hippy. Also very “boho-chic” at its basis, this look relies on very natural elements – such as a “barely-there” makeup, natural fabrics and hairstyles inspired by the countryside-chic look. For example, a long braid that incorporates pretty blooms will add that flawless natural touch and emphasize your gorgeously natural features.

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Photo source: peteandcharlotte