Summer wedding hairstyles for the bride

All brides want to look really amazing on their wedding day – and you make no exception whatsoever. Yet, how do you choose a summer wedding hairstyle that will go very well with the weather outside and with the beautiful vibes of this season? Here are some of the prettiest options:


·        Braided hair. A real classic that works fantastically well with the summer (and maybe even with the idea of an outdoor wedding, a rustic event, or a vineyard wedding theme), braided hair is popular in multiple “designs”. Milkmaids and fishtail braids tend to be the most highly appreciated braided hairstyles, but so are styles that incorporate ribbon in them.

·        High bun. Want to look sophisticated and classy? Pull your hair in an oversized high bun and use braids to make it more casual, or high bun accessories to make it classier. So much femininity and elegance in this hairstyle!

·        Short hair. Thought only long hair can be styled for a summer wedding? Short hair is just as versatile as long hair, and there are a lot of adorable hairstyles you can try. For example, you can use a fine small flower crown to add a dash of cuteness to an already pretty pixie haircut.

·        Flowers. Want to become one with the summer and with the positive vibes in the air? Wear flowers in your hair! As a flower crown or braided and incorporated in other complex hairstyles, flowers are always a splendid choice during the summertime. You and your guests will love this type of hairstyle!

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