Surprise your wedding guests at your reception

Your wedding guests deserve the very best – they have come a long way to be by your side as you spell out the two most important words of your life and they should have a truly amazing time at your wedding. How do you make sure they have the time of their lives? How to surprise them in a very nice way? We have some creative ideas for your wedding reception – so read on and inspire yourself!

·        Hire celebrity lookalikes. People will just love taking pictures with their favorite movie characters! This idea is just perfect if the two of you have a favorite movie or book that means a lot for your relationship!

·        Serve takeaway food. Who doesn’t love indulging in takeaway? We bet your guests will love the idea, especially since it will fuel them for a night filled with dancing, music and good humor! Plus, this is a really great way of adding a casual, unique touch to your entire wedding – so why not give it a thought?

·        Care for details. The way the tables are arranged, the wedding favors, the way you care about your guests – these are the things people will always enjoy. Surprise guests with very special treats such as expensive champagne or even something more unique, such as personalized slippers for a casual backyard wedding. They will love it!

·        Make it a truly grand exit. You definitely want to amaze your guests throughout the entire wedding day – and this includes, of course, your wedding exit too. Have a fireworks show in order just in time for your farewell and it will make the entire Big Day feel even more unforgettable!

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Plan a wedding that represents you!

As a bride, you want your wedding to be more than just a beautiful event. You want it to be magnificent. You want it to be unforgettable. And, ultimately, you want it to be absolutely unique – just like you are, just like your love story is and just like your hopes are as well.

How to plan a wedding that represents you? How to find your true wedding style? We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·         First, think of the big picture. This is the moment to dream of your wedding (which you have been probably doing ever since you were 6). This is the moment to search for inspiration, to cut out magazines and to create that secret Pinterest board every bride brags about. This is the moment to feel the amazingness of the event that’s right ahead, ready to change your life.

·         Once you have the big picture very clearly set, start narrowing down. The time has come for you to settle on a more precise style, on a particular level of formality, and, ultimately, on your wedding theme and wedding colors too. Don’t take these decisions lightly, but don’t stress out too much over them either.

·         Last, but definitely not least, remember to add a small, but powerful motif to the entire décor. Think of something that can be easily incorporated in everything, from the invitations, to the bridal attire itself. For instance, if you are planning a country-chic, informal wedding, you could use the horseshoe motif to connect all of your wedding elements.

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