Surprise your wedding guests at your reception

Your wedding guests deserve the very best – they have come a long way to be by your side as you spell out the two most important words of your life and they should have a truly amazing time at your wedding. How do you make sure they have the time of their lives? How to surprise them in a very nice way? We have some creative ideas for your wedding reception – so read on and inspire yourself!

·        Hire celebrity lookalikes. People will just love taking pictures with their favorite movie characters! This idea is just perfect if the two of you have a favorite movie or book that means a lot for your relationship!

·        Serve takeaway food. Who doesn’t love indulging in takeaway? We bet your guests will love the idea, especially since it will fuel them for a night filled with dancing, music and good humor! Plus, this is a really great way of adding a casual, unique touch to your entire wedding – so why not give it a thought?

·        Care for details. The way the tables are arranged, the wedding favors, the way you care about your guests – these are the things people will always enjoy. Surprise guests with very special treats such as expensive champagne or even something more unique, such as personalized slippers for a casual backyard wedding. They will love it!

·        Make it a truly grand exit. You definitely want to amaze your guests throughout the entire wedding day – and this includes, of course, your wedding exit too. Have a fireworks show in order just in time for your farewell and it will make the entire Big Day feel even more unforgettable!

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