Create your wedding cake to be stunning with simplicity

Your wedding cake is such a powerful symbol of your love story and of the hopes you share for your future as a married couple! Of course, you want your cake to taste amazing – but you also want it to look fantastic as well.

How to create a wedding cake that’s simple, yet so very elegant and beautiful? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       A dash of preciousness. A white cake has the power to look stunning, but if you add just a bit of “precious metal” vibe to its décor, it is guaranteed to be awe-inspiringly beautiful! Imagine a three-tiered cake with just a small golden ribbon at its base – how stunning that would be for an elegant wedding day!

·       Fruit and flowers. Sometimes, you need to take a look around you and realize Mother Nature’s creations are always absolutely elegant and sophisticated. Nature has its way of combining textures and colors in a way that looks fantastic – so why not bring this into your wedding cake and create a design that gorgeously incorporates fresh fruit and flowers?

·       Naked and superb. Naked cakes have been all the rage this year, and many brides are falling in love with the naturalness, with the simplicity and with the timeless elegance such a cake can offer. Go for a naked cake if you are planning an outdoor wedding, a garden-inspired wedding or a rustic-chic wedding – it will perfectly complement the entire event!

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