Your wedding dress will need a great seamstress

Putting on the perfect wedding dress is a hugely emotional moment for every bride to be – but if you are like almost every other bride in the world, you will find that off-the-rack gowns rarely suit anyone to perfection.

To make sure your chosen dress looks flawless on your body, you will most likely have to alter it – and hiring a truly great seamstress is extremely important when it comes to this. How do you find a talented seamstress for your wedding gown – and how to tell she is the one? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        Ask the bridal boutique. Ask your wedding gown sales assistant about seamstresses in the area. There’s a very good chance your bridal boutique can either provide you with an in-house seamstress or that they at least know someone who can help you with this.

·        Ask the family and friends. Do you feel your bridal boutique hasn’t been very helpful? If you have friends or relatives who recently got married, ask them about their seamstresses. They might be able to recommend you with someone whose services they actually loved.

·        Check for a second opinion. If your seamstress told you she cannot do certain alteration or if she downright refused to do them, ask another seamstress for her opinion as well. Wedding gowns tend to be extremely intricate and some seamstresses are not entirely comfortable with altering them – so it’s definitely worth asking for a second opinion to see if you can find someone up for the task.

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