Keep in Mind These Questions When Shopping for the Wedding Dress

Shopping for the wedding dress is going to be one of the most important moments of the wedding planning process. Of course, it will not be easy to find what you are looking for – but leaving home with your homework done will make it at least a bit smoother.

For instance, here are some of the essential questions all brides should ask themselves before buying a wedding gown:


·        Will this dress suit my body shape? Sometimes, brides are surprised at how great dresses look on them simply because their designs are suited for their body shapes – and this happens even with women who had never thought of wearing that kind of dress. Think of your body shape and what looks best on it – in general, this will seriously narrow down your pool of choices.

·        What color will my dress be? From red to black and from pure white to champagne, there’s a myriad of options you can choose from. Pick a color (or a shade of white, if you will) that will complement your complexion, your undertones, your eyes, and your overall wedding style.

·        What size is best for me? If you plan on losing weight (or if you are expecting a baby and know that you will gain a beautiful baby bump), it’s best to talk to a seamstress and see how the dress should be adjusted to accommodate your new measurements. In general, it is far easier to shrink a larger dress, rather than enlarge a small one.

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Your wedding dress style can be determined by your body figure

We bet there’s nothing more important to you than to find a wedding dress that really represents you and who you are. Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a wedding gown – but how will your body figure influence the final call? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·        If you are one of the lucky ladies who can show off an hourglass figure, your job is to find a dress that emphasizes the waist in a beautiful and gracious way. A dress with a delicate belt or sash, or even a high-waist skirt can do the trick for you. Do remember to find something that offers decent support in the upper area as well!

·        If you have a beautiful pear-shaped body, you might make the mistake of looking for gowns that cover the lower area. Yet, the best way to dress is with a gown that draws attention to the waist shoulders. Bell-capped shoulders, high detail-work on the bodice, high-waist skirts – they can all look really amazing on you.

·        If your body is boyish and slim, you will have to search for a gown that adds curves, texture and “size” to your appearance. In general, folded heavier fabrics and deep back plunges can do this for you – but so can mermaid dresses, or sheath dresses. It’s all about what you like most and finding a very good fit for your body!

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