The music of your wedding is a big part of your entertainment

Music has always been (and, we dare say, it will always be) a hugely important element of any wedding. Therefore, if you are like every other couple getting married, you will surely want your wedding music to really play its part in entertaining the guests.

What are some of the most popular trends to help you do this? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

·       Blending the old and the new. In love with a traditional wedding song, but thinking that it may be too old for your modern wedding? Ask your band or your DJ to prepare a contemporary cover of the old song. Likewise, you can also ask your band to play the instrumental version of a modern song as well.

·       Having a band at the entrance. Want to make your reception entrance feel truly grand? Hire a band to play your wedding song as you make your first steps as husband and wife. It will make this moment feel even more magical!

·       Hiring both a band and a DJ. While many couples debate whether to hire a band or a DJ, there are also many others who simply hire both. For example, you can hire the band or the soloist instrumental player for the ceremony (to create a more “traditional” atmosphere) and the DJ for the reception (to create a more “party-oriented” ambiance).

·       Having a Last Dance. Of course, you will want to have a First Dance – but how about making your exit in an equally romantic way? A Last Dance can help you end the wedding on a memorable note – so it’s a really great idea for a couple who wants their big day to be special from A to Z.

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