Plan a wedding that represents you!

As a bride, you want your wedding to be more than just a beautiful event. You want it to be magnificent. You want it to be unforgettable. And, ultimately, you want it to be absolutely unique – just like you are, just like your love story is and just like your hopes are as well.

How to plan a wedding that represents you? How to find your true wedding style? We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·         First, think of the big picture. This is the moment to dream of your wedding (which you have been probably doing ever since you were 6). This is the moment to search for inspiration, to cut out magazines and to create that secret Pinterest board every bride brags about. This is the moment to feel the amazingness of the event that’s right ahead, ready to change your life.

·         Once you have the big picture very clearly set, start narrowing down. The time has come for you to settle on a more precise style, on a particular level of formality, and, ultimately, on your wedding theme and wedding colors too. Don’t take these decisions lightly, but don’t stress out too much over them either.

·         Last, but definitely not least, remember to add a small, but powerful motif to the entire décor. Think of something that can be easily incorporated in everything, from the invitations, to the bridal attire itself. For instance, if you are planning a country-chic, informal wedding, you could use the horseshoe motif to connect all of your wedding elements.

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It is important that you avoid these wedding planning mistakes!

Planning a wedding has never been easy – not one century ago, when weddings where even more rule-oriented than today, and not in 2016 either, when the almost mesmerizing range of options makes it nearly impossible to take a decision.

And yet, attention to detail and patience can go a long way – and you should “arm” yourself with plenty of these if you want to make sure everything will be flawless on the Big Day. What are some of the other things to take into consideration when planning your wedding? What are the mistakes to avoid? Read on and find out more.

·       Do create a budget for the Thank You gifts. Nobody can deny the fact that your wedding party and parents deserve your gratitude and attention. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a clear budget for their gifts. Think of this from the very beginning and you will definitely find a lot of options you will love.

·       The price of the bridal attire goes way beyond the dress. Sure, that’s the key element of your wedding day outfit – but behind it, there’s an army of jewelry, makeup and hairstyle professionals, accessories and, of course, alterations. They should be all taken into account when creating the wedding budget!

·       Don’t overspend on small items. It can be terribly tempting to buy hundreds of items that are simply adorable and fancy, but before you jump into that, make sure to do the math. Will it push you over your wedding budget? Then you might be much better off without those items.

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