Are you aware of these wedding style hacks?

Planning a wedding can very often feel like a rollercoaster – you’re happy today, but the next day something you didn’t plan for may arise. Don’t worry, though – there’s a solution to everything and most of the times, even the worst “wedding nightmares” can be elegantly turned around to your advantage!

To prove you how true this is, we have gathered some of the very best wedding style hacks – so read on and find your solutions!

·        The floors are covered in ugly carpets. That’s it, you’ve found the almost perfect venue – it’s the right size and style, it’s available for your wedding day, and everything about it is really pretty. Everything except for the carpets. If you cannot afford rolling in new carpets, think of it differently – most of the floor space will be covered during the wedding, so simply draw the attention towards the ceiling and the walls.

·        The draperies don’t fit your style and the venue manager can’t take them off. Again, there’s a simple solution to this issue. If you want a budget-friendly solution, you can simply pin new fabric on top of the draperies. If you want to really turn this to your advantage and make the most of it, you can actually drape the entire room. This will create a fantastic, fairytale-like effect guests will love!

·        The colors of the venue don’t match your wedding color scheme. This happens more often than you think, especially since coordinating everything is extremely difficult. Our advice in this case is not to fight the venue’s colors. Coordinate them with smaller elements of the other décor pieces, so that everything fits perfectly together.

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