Style inspiration for your big day

Starting your wedding planning on the right foot is extremely important – precisely because this is when you will draw the major lines defining your entire big day. For example, have you settled on a general wedding style yet? If not, you have come to the right place because following, we have gathered some of the best style inspiration tips to keep in mind. Read on to find out more.

·        If you are a romantic bride, you will most likely want to settle on a traditional style. Roses, dahlias and peonies are all-time favorites when it comes to florals – just as white, pink, and pastels are favorites in terms of colors. Furthermore, large arrangements, chandeliers, crystals and metallic elements are all part of traditionally romantic weddings as well – so don’t forget to consider incorporating these as well.

·        If you are a more modern bride, you probably want to focus on a simple, elegant style. Slightly geometrical and focused on clean lines and polished colors, the modern style is usually associated with urban settings – but it can work just as well outside of the big city too. Mirrored effects, statement pieces and a general focus on elegant simplicity are some of the defining traits for this style.

·        If you are fun-loving, you will want to focus on an eclectic wedding style. There are no actual rules here - so you can definitely blend in different styles and themes. Generally speaking though, unusual pieces of décor, bright colors, and a combination between old-school and modern items will make your eclectic wedding stand out from the crowd.

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