Write your wedding thank you note with ease

Your guests are absolutely wonderful for having spent their time and money just to be there for you on one of the best days of your life. Of course, you will want to show them just how grateful you are for their generosity and willingness to witness this life-changing event – and thank you notes are among the best ways to do this.

How to write your wedding thank you notes with ease? Read on and find out more.

·        Order them with your invitations – or at least with the day-of stationery. This way you will make sure they match the other pieces of stationery at your wedding, as well as that they are not late in any way.

·        In general, there is no actual date at which you should send your thank you notes. However, it is highly appreciated that you don’t let too much time to pass between your wedding date and the moment you send out the notes – a maximum of two months is acceptable.

·        Furthermore, it is also important that you write the thank you notes yourself, in handwriting. Don’t forget that each of you has to sign the note as well! Also, to make sure you follow through correctly, it would be a great idea if you could take down the gifts, their senders and how you can politely thank them for their gesture.

·        Be honest and polite in your thank you notes. People are not expecting long letters, so a few words will do – especially if they show your true and sincere gratitude.

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